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Health & Wellbeing Resources

The VES Health and Wellbeing Initiative provides resources to better assist the VFX community in maintaining or improving health and mental wellbeing to help improve overall quality of life.  The VES Health & Wellbeing Resources page will continue to grow and evolve, so please come back often to explore new content. 

The Visual Effects Society in partnership with the Québec Film and Television Council, have created Reignite Yourself, a five-part webinar series to destigmatize mental health and provide industry support. The episodes cover a spectrum of issues around mental health, including handling stress and anxiety, dealing with high-pressure situations, maintaining work-life balance, empathy, handling negative feedback and creating a growth mindset through confidence building and motivation.

Health & Wellbeing Resources

These resources were compiled to provide easy access to some of the resources available in various regions. Our goal is to be of service to our members by expanding awareness of and familiarity with a wide array of resources. With that said, the professionals, their respective websites and helpline numbers listed on this webpage are not employed, associated with or endorsed by the Visual Effects Society (VES). The VES does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to, and is in no manner responsible for, the services provided by the professionals or their websites or the helpline services. As always, if there is an emergency situation, call your local emergency responders helpline to get immediate help.

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