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VES members around the world drive the success of the Society with their volunteerism and leadership.  We have many exciting opportunities for you to participate.  You’ll contribute to the growth and evolution of our Society while making friends and connecting with VES members around the world.  Join us!

VES global Board of Directors

Timing:  Call for nominations October 1-15

Commitment:  2 years


Serving on the global VES Board of Directors is both an honor and a responsibility. The Board of Directors represents our members’ interests and provides key guidance on policies that drive the organization.  Any VES member from any Section or country may self-nominate to serve on the global Board.

As a member of the Board of Directors, we’ll rely on the commitment of your time, resources, and dedication to:

  • Fully participate in Board meetings, deliberations and decisions.
  • Be aware of and helpful in the fundraising needs of the Society.
  • Always advocate for the organization as a proactive volunteer.

Contact:  info@VESglobal.org

Section Board of Managers

Timing:  Call for nominations in early November

Commitment:  2 years

Description: Serving on your local Section’s Board of Managers (BOM) is an exciting opportunity to take a leading role in planning local activities and representing your Section among our global community.  You can lend your expertise to: event planning, membership outreach, managing screenings, social media and communications, sponsorships … and more.  You’ll enjoy building close relationships with the VES members in your local Section. Officers of each Section are selected annually and serve for one year.

Sections are always looking for volunteers on different projects, so if you have some free time, contact your Section’s officers to see how you can participate. 

Contact:  cassidy@vesglobal.org

VES Awards Nomination Event Support

Timing:  Applications are open October 15 – December 20

Commitment:  One Saturday, typically in the 2nd week of January, along with 2-3 hours of training before.

Description: Join the VES Awards Nomination Event and you will see exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of the most amazing visual imagery and enjoy the best networking opportunity of the year! VES will create 30 panels of 450 judges to evaluate all the Awards show before/after VFX submissions. Choose where to apply your talents:  as a judge, a panel lead or a media operator. You’ll have the privilege and satisfaction of helping to decide the best work to be nominated for the VES Awards. This is rare opportunity – only available to VES members.  Both in-person and virtual options are available.

Contact:  cassidy@vesglobal.org

VES Committees

Timing:  Year-round

Commitment:  Varies by Committee

Description: VES has a variety of Committees that handle specific initiatives to benefit the membership and the industry at large.  You can apply your talents and skills to support these important programs while engaging with like-minded VES members from around the world.  See full details of VES Committees at:  https://www.vesglobal.org/ves-committees/

Archives Committee Lisa Cooke David Tanaka
Awards Committee Reid Paul Dennis Serras Lopsie Schwartz
Education Committee Arnon Manor
Handbook Ad Hoc Committee Jeff Okun Susan Zwerman
Health and Wellbeing Committee Emma Clifton Perry Philipp Wolf
Membership Committee Susan O’Neal Joe Weidenbach
Outreach to Developing Regions Tim McGovern
Technology Committee Sebastian Sylwan
Work From Home Committee Gavin Graham Colin Campbell

Contact: Committee Chairs listed above or email info@vesglobal.org for guidance on where best to apply your talents.

Sponsorship Support for VES

As a nonprofit honorary society, VES depends on financial support from the industry to help us fund our events.  You may know or work for a company that would benefit from visibility as a sponsor.  Feel free to put VES HQ in contact with your prospective sponsor.  Just email:  Ross@VESglobal.org and we’ll take it from there!