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So. You’re looking for a job.

Maybe you’re unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise feeling restless.  

Here are some ways to help you refine your search and hopefully increase your chances of success.

First, you have to decide what you want to do. This can present its own issues – perhaps you’re a multifaceted person with a passion to do EVERYTHING! You’ll likely need to do a little research.  Choose your dream job, and take a look at the LinkedIn profile of someone who has it.  You can reverse engineer that individual’s journey and use the titles, company names, and experiences listed to help build your own path.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, you have to look at your current skill set and determine what you can do to achieve that role. A simple way to do this is to perform a google search for job descriptions with the title you seek and take an honest look at your own experience and capabilities. Don’t forget that titles can be interpreted in many different ways – for instance, a 3d generalist may also be called a 3d artist, or a CG generalist.

Thirdly, think about what you’re willing to do to get your dream job.  If you fall short of some key skills, are you willing to go back to school to remedy that shortfall? Are you willing to relocate if the perfect job is in another city? Are you willing to take a cut in salary if you’re afforded the opportunity to learn on the job?


See the links below for immediate open positions, and peruse future openings

Most large studios have a “careers” or “jobs” page – hit up your favorite studio and poke around a little bit.
In addition, these sites might be useful:

Global Jobs Board 2.0 for VFX/Animation and Games

Global animations and VFX jobs postings

Chris Mayne’s incredible google doc

Jobs for Houdini FX artists

Jobs for realtime FX artists/gaming

Rockstar Games

Company 3

The Embassy VFX

Disney Careers


Sony Pictures Animation


Ingenuity Studios London

The Mill

Luma Pictures



Barnstorm VFX

Rodeo FX<


Openings at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts

Openings at Light Field Lab

Openings at  Digital Domain:

**To apply for the above positions please submit an application at  

You can also check LinkedIn (global) and Indeed (more for the US) by looking for job titles in your location or studio name.

If you have any openings you’d like to highlight here, drop us a note at


A wise person once said “the only thing I care about when I receive a resume is who handed it to me.”

This means you must leverage your network, and not be afraid to make new friends.  When applying for jobs, try to find the hiring manager and write directly in addition to applying through the jobs boards.  


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) are used by most large studios, and these use algorithms to comb through applicants and ensure a good fit.  This means you may have to tailor your resume to include key words listed in the job description (provided you possess those skills!) so that the “machine” knows you are a qualified candidate.  

In addition, be sure your resume contains “power words” that show your accomplishments at your last place of employment, not your day to day.  You want to show the hiring manager the impact you had at your former workplace – you can talk about the day to day in an interview.

Here are some ATS tips and tricks as well as some ATS friendly resume templates.


Your reel should be short – no longer than three minutes, and your best (and hopefully most recent) work should be first.  You can provide your reel on a you-branded website or use a site like vimeo or youtube.  Ideally, your reel will include a breakdown, showing the hiring manager what your contribution to a piece is or was.  Listing the software utilized either in the reel or on the resume is also incredibly helpful. Have a friend or colleague take a look at your reel once it’s compiled to provide feedback and guidance.


We hope this information is helpful! We would like to hear from you – where do YOU look for jobs? What’s your experience been like recently? How can the VES help you? Write to us at