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The world is offering enormous opportunities if you know what you want and where to look. Complex issues are not contained to a single locale or aspect of the industry. Challenges and obstacles abound, but solutions and success stories do as well. Production Summit 2011 brings together leaders who are working in the global arena and have overcome formidable challenges to find creative, technical and business solutions … They Are Winning. Everything has gone global. There’s no turning back. Where are you?

Montage Hotel. 225 North Canon Drive. Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Continental Breakfast Roundtable Discussions

To jump start the morning of the Summit, we are introducing Breakfast Round Table discussions. This hour long aspect of the Summit will be for those attendees who want to discuss and share information on a particular subject with their fellow attendees while having coffee, juice or other breakfast items. Each table will have a moderator who is an expert in their topic. The objective is for everyone to join in on the discussion, gleen new information and suggest possible solutions. A time for attendees to do the talking.

Animation Trending
Moderated by: Warren Frankin – CEO, Rainmaker Entertainment

The Challenges of 3D Stereo
Moderated by: Randy Starr – Visual Effects Producer

The Challenges of 48-60fps
Moderated by: Andy Romanoff – Industry Relations / Business Development, AbelCine

The Challenges of Digital Color
Moderated by: Stephen Nakamura – Feature Colorist, Company 3

2D to 3D Conversion
Moderated by: Scott Squires – Visual Effects Supervisor

Chasing and Taking Advantage of Tax Incentives
Moderated by: Amy Lemisch – Executive Director, California Film Commission

Moving to 4K: Impact on VFX Schedules, Budgets
Moderated by: David S. Cohen – Reporter / Features Editor, Variety

Finding Financial Investors for Original IP
Moderated by: Shannon Gans – Co-Founder and CEO of New Deal Studios

Open Source Development/Trends
Moderated by: Rob Bredow – Chief Technology Officer and Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Niche Market: How Best to Focus My Company
Moderated by: Carl Rosendahl – Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center

How to Build and Maintain Creative Staff
Moderated By: Bob Coleman – President / Founder, Digital Artists Agencey

Canada: The Next Soho
Moderated By: Mat Beck, ASC – VFX Supervisor, Director, DP, President: Entity FX

Partnering with International Companies
Moderated By: Hitesh Shah – Founder and CEO, BOT VFX

Keynote Address

Bob Pisano – President and COO, Motion Picture Association of America

The 2011 Production Summit theme is the impact of globalization and as most of our industry is directly or peripherally employed by the major studios, we are honored to have Bob Pisano as our Keynote Speaker. The Motion Picture Association of America’s members (MPAA) are the big six Hollywood studios. Mr. Pisano will discuss the global initiatives of the MPAA which works with organizations in 30 countries and has five regional offices — Brussels, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Toronto. The MPAA works with content protection groups to safeguard intellectual property rights, advance technology-driven innovation, and open markets to the global medium of film.

Panel Discussion

The Studio’s POV: Adapting to innovation in a 24 Hour World

What do you need to know in order to keep up with the latest technology and keep your business on track? Innovative digital technology has radically changed the post and distribution channels of the studios which in turn affects the filmmakers and services providers within their sphere. Meeting these new needs requires extraordinary operational coordination and responsiveness across the studios’ global digital efforts. This reality creates a need for cooperation and conflict resolution mechanisms within and across all functions, as well as budget procedures that allow for flexibility and rapid direction changes. The very things that push creativity and efficiency can provide new obstacles.

This panel examines how studios determine a clear approach for monitoring, sharing and adapting within this globally interconnected network and the best ways to work together and maintain reasonable margins.


  • Annie Chang – Vice President of Post-Production Technology for The Walt Disney Studios Digital Production Technology


  • Richard Chuang – CEO, Cloudpic Global Inc
  • Ted Gagliano – President Feature Post Production, Twentieth Century Fox Studios
  • Uday Kumar – Vice President US Operations Reliance Media Works
  • Sean Wimmer – VP Post Production, Warner Premiere

Featured Speaker

Tom Wujec – Autodesk Fellow

The exponential growth of technology is transforming industries, changing the way buildings are designed and constructed, how cars are digitally prototyped and fabricated, and how movies are previsualized and produced. For these and other industries, the democratization of technology has created seismic shifts in the way people create as well as in the companies they work in. Join Tom Wujec in a lively and visually rich presentation that charts the surprising impact of cheaper, faster and more powerful digital tools across industries. As well, Tom will share some implications of the emerging technologies that will promise to transform industries yet again.

Featured Speaker

Tony Wible – Director, Media and Entertainment, Janey Montgomery Scott

Media and Entertainment Industry Analyst Tony Wible will present research and information on the overarching, big picture trends and economics of the film/entertainment business. He will share his insights on how current trends will impact the future of the entertainment industry.

Panel Discussion

Success Around the Globe

Visual effects companies have expanded to multiple sites and have a true global footprint and workforce. Multi-cultural and multi-national interfacing, altered technology and pipeline shifts, social media management, IP development and partnerships are increasingly important; yet creativity, quality, service and professionalism remain the most important elements. Additionally, as companies add an IP component, they need creative employees who can develop timely, relevant, and compelling content across a variety of media.

This panel of top executives will take a look at successful visual effects business models and crossover models from around the globe — organic growth, partnerships, acquisitions, creator-driven, niche-driven — to examine and reveal how their companies have evolved and strategized to stay relevant and successful in the current environment. Hear from these experts on where they and the industry are headed in the near and distant future.


  • Chris DeFaria – Executive Vice President, Visual Effects & Animation, Warner Bros.


Panel Discussion

Producing with VFX in Mind

Film producers are faced with enormous challenges daily. With the ever changing technology landscape, how do they keep current and informed? How do they adjust their budgets and projections within the global nature of the film business. Let’s hear from them their concerns and experiences on international production, 3D, VFX, and the challenges and process of getting a film green lit.



Cocktail Reception

Wrap Up of the Day and Cocktail Reception on the patio.