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Project Description


Shifting The Paradigm:
A collaborative conversation on production, technology and business in the 21st century.

If you are an active and interested member of the production community, we encourage you to join us for an inspiring day of collaborative conversation.

Recognizing the interconnected nature of the production community, and the to need convene as a group to discuss the present and future of our industry, the visual effects society is organizing this inaugural Production Summit. Necessitated by a quickly-evolving world economy, lightning-speed changes in technologies, this Summit convenes members of the production crafts in an effort to create a new, interactive production paradigm.

This day brings the numerous changes to the forefront, presenting a unique opportunity and a novel format to discuss production, technology and international business. Conversations among peers will clarify the process of production and, in an effort to open communication, will examine our industry from a common perspective designed to create guideposts toward the future..

The sessions are comprised of accomplished local and international industry contributors — directors, producers, art directors, cinematographers, editors, post production supervisors and visual effects practitioners — dedicated to both their own businesses, and the health of the larger production community. In a day that exchanges presentations for conversations, session speakers and attendees will be seated at semicircular tables, to encourage discussion and interaction.

Emphasizing the theme of shifting the paradigm to create our future, our keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Haseltine — former head of Walt Disney Imagineering and a technology futurist — lends a unique perspective.

October 24, 2009 – Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey, CA

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Session 1

Through the Kaleidoscope: Three interactive one-hour sessions deliver a multifaceted examination of pre-production, production and post production

Every component in the production process affects every other, creating an intricate, complex structure. In a vital format designed  to stimulate conversation among our speakers, this three-part session brings together creatives to explore every facet of making a feature, from the first idea to the final render.

Directors, art directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, visual effects supervisors and  other members of the various crafts discuss the overlaps, gaps, cooperation and collaboration essential to the process.

Pre Production Component



  • Victoria Alonso, Executive Vice President of Visual Effects & Post Production – Marvel Studios
  • Dion Bebee, ASC, Cinematographer
  • James Bissell, Production Designer
  • Art Repola, Executive Vice President, Visual Effects and Production Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Marc Weigert, Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor

Production Component


Post Production Component


  • Eric Barba, Visual Effects Supervisor, Digital Domain
  • Dennis Hoffman, Senior Vice President and General Manager – CIS Vancouver
  • Steven Poster, ASC, Director of Photography, President – International Cinematographers Guild
  • Alan Silvers, New Business Development, Lowry Digital

Featured Speaker

Dr. Eric Haseltine – An alternate world view

Eric Haseltine offers a view from the crow’s nest, a vision of what’s on the horizon and over the horizon, from two perspectives: Navigation – where we need to be going and Steering – how do we get there?

Eric is a Technology Futurist who was the former head of Walt Disney Imagineering and former CTO of the U.S intelligence community. A ‘psycho-ecologist’ as he calls himself, with a Ph.D in physiological psychology, Eric applies neuroscience to new technologies, using how the human brain naturally wants to interact with technology to improve performance.

Eric Haseltine is President and Managing Partner, Haseltine Partners LLC. He was Director of Research at the National Security Agency and then CTO for the entire U.S. Intelligence community under the Director of National Intelligence.

Before entering government service, Eric was Executive Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering, in charge of R&D for Walt Disney Company, and Director of Engineering for Hughes Aircraft.

Eric has 15 patents in optics, special effects and electronic media, and more than 100 publications in science and technical journals, the Web and Discover Magazine.


Conversations and Collaborations by the boats

Session 2

X-Ray: Decoding and Thriving in the 21st Century Post-Production Pipeline

Our industry has evolved into a stew of multiple file formats, color space issues, incompatible pipelines, and content designed for everything from an iPhone to IMAX. Add 3D stereo to the mix, then try archiving all your data, and what do you have?   A post-production environment that looks more like sorcery than the last step of a well-organized process.

This vital session addresses how studios, colorists, visual effects supervisors, and post-production supervisors can work collaboratively to triumph over the challenges moving their projects to release effectively while maintaining their sanity.



  • Steve Beres, Director of Engineering for nextLAB, a division of FotoKem, Inc.
  • Fred Chandler, Executive VP Post Production, 20th Century Fox
  • Ben Grossmann, Visual Effects Supervisor, CafeFX/The Syndicate
  • Daryn Okada, ASC, Cinematographer
  • Steve Scott, Vice President, Creative Director / Colorist, E-Film

Session 3

Hot, Flat and (getting) Crowded: The Business of Production and the new Global Economy

As our world continues to shrink, businesses must adjust to the challenges of a universal economy. This session brings together business leaders from around the industry and around the world to engage in a discussion of the cultural, technological, ethical and economic issues that both stimulate and impede our progress.



  • Jeff Barnes, CEO & Co-Founder, CafeFX/The Syndicate/Sententia Entertainment
  • Lee Berger, President, Film Division, Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Colin Brown, British Film Commissioner, UK Film Counci
  • Chris DeFaria, Executive Vice President, Digital Production, Animation and Visual Effects, Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Anshul Doshi, Global COO, Prime Focus Group

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