Founder and CEO, Visual Effects Supervisor

Wei Gao

Wei is a visual effects Supervisor who has extensive experience in visual effect works in Chinese Television drama and movies. Wei has practiced 18 years in the industry and is capable of managing and leading creative and technical projects of all complex levels. With years of creative leadership experience in both medium and independant studios, Wei is strong in inspiring others and collaborating team members to achieve the same goal. Wei is currently working to transition to a feature film director

Role with the VES

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Work Experience

G’est Media Founder and CEO Visual Effects Supervisor Aurora Technology Development Inc COO Bei Jing JIE YI Wen Hua Chuan Mei You Xian Gong Si Founder and CEO Visual Effects Supervisor for“Xin Si Jun Nv Bing”“Jiang Men Feng Yun”“Wu Cheng En Yu Xi You Ji”“Three Kingdoms” Canada Global Chinese Televistion Supervisor Beijing JIE XI TE Digital Studio Founder High-end visual effects CG film and television special effects Stage background video production Beijing 2106 Post-production Studio VFX 3d artist、 vfx coordinator、 modeling supervisor 、matchmove artist Beijing De Lu Ying Shi Wen Hua You Xian Gong Si vfx coordinator 、compositor、matte painter、 3d artist for“Han Wu Da Di” “Tian Long Ba Bu”“Qing Yi” “Guan Xi Wu Ji Dao”“Da Tang Fu Rong Yuan”“jiang men feng yun”

Film Credits


Skills & Titles

Ps Ae 3dsmax Blender Unreal Nuke Zbrush