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susan bradley

Susan Bradley is a content creator & visual designer for films & creatives on any digital platform. Work experience includes all manner of film art department graphics, motion graphics, short-form editing, title design, logo treatments, type design & animations, photo compositing & effects and pro bono work.

After orbiting Disney Studios film production and Pixar Animation Studios (on staff) for about 20 years, she is using her unique set of 'many hats' talents to expand her craft on all levels—and happy to be a part of this ever-expanding group of VFX artists!


Bradley is also directing a non-fiction film encapsulating a unique trove of optical-era title design art, process, lettering and post production through the work of her mentor and hero, Harold Adler.

Adler was Saul Bass' lettering artist for most of Bass' film career, teaching him the medium...not to mention being a magnificent personality and truly a time capsule of film production process and craft in a little-known film genre.


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