Film Director, Stunt Coordinator, Visual Effects Supervisor
ESX Entertainment/Netflix

Shaun Piccinino

Shaun Paul Piccinino (Peach-a-nino) is an award winning Film and Television Director who currently has 4 Feature films streaming on Netflix. "A California Christmas" hit the top of the charts at number one worldwide for over 10 days in December of 2020. Over the past 4 years Shaun has directed 8 feature films and two television series (directing on multiple episodes each series). He's also known for his extensive experience in action/stunts and visual effects.

Earlier achievements include the Television series "Deadliest Warrior", directing and also portraying Scottish hero William Wallace, the "Call of Duty" Franchise, UFC Undisputed Franchise, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Robot Chicken (lead visual effects) and The Lackey (award winning feature film made for only $7,500).

Piccinino has been pursuing his passion of entertaining through the lens of a true fan of the movies. Since his move to Los Angeles from Northern California in 2001, he has worked in every aspect of the business from acting, editing, visual effects, script writing, producing, stunt coordinating, and of course directing.

His training began early in life on stage as he was classically trained by his father, Barry Piccinino a renouned drama professor and stage director in his own right. With a gift for creativity and a thirst to entertain others, Shaun has developed a solid reputation for creativity, honesty, and staying on budget. Shaun utilizes the time he has on set efficiently to achieve the best version of any project.

Piccinino’s latest release was, “American Fighter” that hit theaters and VOD on May 21, 2021 care of Lionsgate.

Piccinino most recently finished directing two new Netflix Originals back to back, including a much anticipated sequel to “A California Christmas”.