Pierre Raymond

Pierre Raymond, President and Head of Operations | Hybride Technologies

As one of Quebec’s digital imaging pioneers, Pierre Raymond has been contributing to the growth of the digital imaging industry for more than 30 years. Armed with an extensive background in video engineering and systems technologies complemented with several US internships he began his career in 1975, overseeing engineering at AUVINIC, a company that builds mobile filming units for television stations, including the broadcast studio for Quebec’s National Assembly. Following this, he helped introduce specialized image rendering products into Quebec, and developed innovative equipment including a micro-processor based programmable broadcast system, and a specialized automated recording system for the Quebec government. 

At the end of the 1970s, he joined the team at the renowned Studio Morin Heights with a mandate to design Groupe Perry’s new video studio, where he would spend the next 12 years in the roles of vice-president of engineering, director of operations, and president. He is credited with several cutting-edge productions in the field of digital imaging, including the overall graphic look for shows like Le Téléjournal, Le Point and Daniel’ Bertolino’s Le Défi Mondial, broadcast on Société Radio-Canada. He then contributed to Groupe Perry’s expansion into the US by designing the technical infrastructures for two new studios one in Washington, D.C., and the other in San Francisco.

In 1991, he founded Hybride Technologies in Piedmont, located in the Laurentians. It was the first company in Quebec to specialize in digital visual effects and allowed Pierre to surround himself with a high-caliber team of creators and technicians specializing in visual effects for film, television and advertising. Above and beyond his responsibility to run the company, he participated as technical supervisor and visual effects producer on the majority of Hybride’s productions, including Avatar, Predators, the popular Assassin’s Creed: Lineage film series, 300 and Sin City.

During the course of his career, Pierre Raymond has received numerous prizes and nominations from a variety of professional associations in Canada and the US. In 1987, his design work for Groupe Perry’s post-production facilities in Washington earned him an award for Best Engineering Post-production Facility. He also received the 1987 Mica small and medium-sized business award from the Conseil de l’Industrie Électronique du Québec, a Gémeaux award for his work on Félix Leclerc’s tribute show, and a Production 89 award from Événement Production Qui Fait Quoi for the creation of a specialized management system for post-production video resources. In July 2007, La Presse newspaper listed him among the 25 most influential people in Quebec’s cultural industry. Furthermore, he was part of the nominees in the Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program category at the prestigious 2008 VES Awards for his contribution as a producer in the Marie Antoinette miniseries.

As a new division of Ubisoft since 2008, Hybride continues to work with its film partners worldwide with the same passion and commitment that have distinguished it since its founding. Pierre Raymond’s passion and profound knowledge have made him a highly sought-after industry expert and the perfect spokesperson for Hybride Technologies. As a visionary dedicated to the continuous pursuit of innovation, Pierre has used a global approach to elevate Hybride into the ranks of leaders in the international digital imaging industry.