Motion Graphics Designer & Visual Effects Compositor

Natalie A Palumbo

Natalie A Palumbo is a trained Motion Graphics Designer and Visual Effects Compositor based in New York City. She graduated with Honors from Ringling College of Art + Design in 2017 as a Motion Design major. She is an Adobe Certified Professional in both Visual Design and Video Design. She is a Board Member of Visual Effects Society, New York Chapter, starting in 2024.
As a strong generalist, Natalie has worked with studios in NY and LA on a variety of film and media projects. These clients include Teads, Nielsen, Adobe, Behance, Netflix, The Black Ties, Yahoo, AOL, and Marvel Entertainment. Client projects include show and broadcast graphics packages, event graphics, visual effects compositing, promotional graphics animation, film colorization, poster design, and augmented reality design.
Natalie is a Sibling Advocate for her older brother, Anthony, who has Low-Verbal Autism. From an early age, Natalie used her ability to draw to communicate with her older brother without using words. This childhood bond inspired her to pursue art as a career. Her professional goals are to expand her broad generalist skills and grow her experience within the industry.

Role with the VES
Visual Effects Society Board Member & Co-Secretary, New York Chapter, Starting 2024.