Conceptual Designer/Educator
Lorin Wood Design

Lorin Wood

I was raised in a highly artistic family who encouraged me to pursue visual art from my earliest years. My love of design and illustration initially developed from copying my father's industrial design portfolio. He compounded my fledgling talents by exposing me to his college hero, Syd Mead. Not long after, I discovered the work of Star Wars visionaries Joe Johnston, Nilo-Rodis Jamero, and Ralph McQuarrie, whose work informed me of the essential role of storytelling in visual art and design.
Over two decades, I have amassed a wealth of experience in pre-production (ie: conceptual design, visual development, and previsualization), as well as in visual effects art direction, game development, product design, and publication.
In 2009 I founded the blog Nuthin' But Mech and populated it with a robust network of friends and acquaintances from my years in the entertainment industry to populate it with professional-quality artwork. The blog eventually spawned four books with publisher Design Studio Press with the artist proceeds going to various charities and charitable causes.
Presently, I am back in school full-time focused on pursuing a new career in academia at The University of Texas at Dallas, with the occasional freelance work on the side, another book, and teaching online classes at Art Center College of Design.