VFX Artist and Director
Raised by Wolves


Jon Hollis

VFX Artist and Director

Jon began his career as a tape operator at London post facility SVC. His rise though the ranks of the emerging digital editing and post-production scene was meteoric. Pioneering work with digital editing earned him a host of Best Editor awards for work with Nike and The Guardian. Cutting edge work on projects such as Dunlop ‘The Unexpected’ and Orange ‘Bar Chase’ earned him numerous awards as a visual effects artist. Jon is alone in having earned the distinction of being both Best Editor & Best Flame Artist in both Campaign & Televisual magazines.

After 8 years as Head of Editing at The Mill, Jon left to co-found the hugely successful visual effects company Smoke & Mirrors. It was both unique and groundbreaking and again he worked on numerous award winning campaigns. The biggest haul coming from the BBC Radio Scotland campaign with design collective Tomato.

Jon began directing in 1999, and has directed award-winning commercials for Schweppes, Sony Playstation, Magic FM and many more.

Jon left Smoke and Mirrors to concentrate on image making through directing and post production, working seamlessly together. Running a state-of-the-art flame suite and dedicated to keep at the fore-front of technology is a must for Raised by Wolves. “To be at the leading edge is something I feel I can only really achieve in being in charge of the work and the gear, remaining a small company keeps the creativity alive. And at Raised by Wolves this is a must, this is home, this is where all my post production comes together”.