Visual Development Artist/Environment Designer/Art Director/Instructor
Frederick Gardner Design
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Frederick Gardner

Frederick Gardner was born and raised in Southern California. His career in film began in 1989 when he was approached by the Publicity Dept of Warner Bros to help design the launch of Tim Burton's Batman. He attended film school at UCLA and Art Center before finding his calling in animation at CalArts. His artistic influences range from Hieronymous Bosch to Eyvind Earle and Maurice Noble. After a year in attendance, he was recruited by the producers of The Simpsons to animate on the first few seasons and the main title.

A preference for design led to his success at Warner Bros Animation on such shows as Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Space Jam, The Iron Giant and classic shorts with Bugs & Daffy. His work also includes The Tick, Duck Dodgers, Johnny Quest, Toonsylvania, Hercules, Samurai Jack and Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.

While serving as an Infantryman/Bomb Squad Tech/Parachute Rigger in the US Army & CA ARNG (2000 - 2008), Frederick received two Emmys for his unique designs on television series, The Powerpuff Girls and Juniper Lee at Cartoon Network.

Frederick seeks to create unique, hand made, and impactful images that provoke thought, raise questions and inspire. You can see his most recent work in Free Birds, Tomorrowland and The Book of Life. Recently, he worked as a visual development artist on the recent animated features, SCOOB, Space Jam 2 for the Warner Animation Group, Rumble (aka Monster on the Hill) for Paramount/Reel FX, Ugly Dolls for STX and the limited series, Maya and the Three for Netflix.

Work Experience

Member MPSC (TAG) Local 839, Member ATAS, VES, ASIFA, VFW

Film Credits

The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Space Jam, Space Jam 2, Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension, The Iron Giant, Freebirds, The Book of Life, Tomorrowland, Another Goofy Movie, SCOOB, Rumble

Skills & Titles

2D Animator, Background Designer, Prop Designer, Character Designer, Art Director, Production Designer, Adjunct Professor, Guest Lecturer, Art Department Head & AR/AR Designer


Primetime Emmy Award for Background Design for "The Powerpuff Girls" at Cartoon Network 2005 Primetime Emmy Award for Background Design for "Juniper Lee" at Cartoon Network 2006