VFX Executive Producer
Falcon's Creative Group


Cecil Magpuri

Cecil D. Magpuri knew at a young age that he wanted to build his own design studio where his imagination could fly free. His ultimate dream was to develop inspiring experiences for people of all ages, around the world. He spent the first seven years of his career honing his craft alongside some of the brightest minds in the architecture and themed entertainment industries.

Cecil quickly became interested in utilizing technology to create world-class guest experiences. One of his notable achievements, in those early days, was playing a key role in realizing Universal Studios’ Twister: Ride It Out attraction.

Cecil opened Falcon’s Treehouse in 2000, knowing that to be competitive in this market, he had to bring something special and unique to the table. He is now entering his 28th year in themed entertainment, attributing his long-term success to having the right mindset, creating a profound engagement with every client, and building a solid team that is not only talented but humble, appreciative, and respectful of the process.

Like any passionate visionary, Cecil understands that audiences have an insatiable appetite for deep, engaging, and even personal experiences, which is what continues to drive him to develop the most sophisticated and buzz-worthy projects and products in the world.

Under his skillful guidance and savvy leadership, Falcon’s has earned awards for Curse of DarKastle, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Turtle Trek®, Ocean Avenue Media Canopy, Heroes and Legends, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, and Dragon’s Treasure™ attraction. Cecil has also developed a host of innovative products, patenting more than 30 of them, including CircuMotion® Theater experience, Falcon’s Vision® headset, and Suspended Theater® attraction.

Cecil’s future, and the future of Falcon’s, is just getting started. Imagine that.