Senior Recruiter
Digital Domain

Amy Quek

With 23 years of robust experience in the VFX, Animation, and Software industries (including renowned firms like Alias, Autodesk, and Softimage), I have gained substantial expertise in talent acquisition, both technical and creative.

My 13-year journey in recruiting for the Visual Effects and Feature Animation industry has spanned across North America, Asia Pacific, and London. Handling the full recruitment cycle has been my forte – from initiating job postings and sourcing talent, to shortlisting applicants, conducting interviews, and negotiating offers.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated closely with Management, Artist Managers, and Department Supervisors, aligning their hiring needs with my search for the industry's best talent. This unique partnership has facilitated a smooth recruitment process and contributed significantly to the growth and success of the teams I have worked with.

Currently, I hold the position of Senior Recruiter at Digital Domain based in Vancouver, recruiting for LA, Vancouver and Montreal. I had also worked for companies like Double Negative and BaseFX.

I take pride in my ability to foster long-lasting professional relationships and create high-impact teams that drive success and push creative and technical boundaries.

Work Experience

23 years

Skills & Titles

Deep understanding of VFX and Animation Industry Knowledge, Talent Acquisition, Negotiation skills