Producer / Virtual Production / Environments / On-Set Supervisor

Andres Martinez

Born in Colombia and graduated as an Industrial Designer, I've traveled all over Latin America as a professional creating a network of creative professionals.

I am a VFX Environment CG Artist and Supervisor as well as an Animation Producer with an extensive track record of success on both areas, delivering exceptional results in areas such as VFX post-production, compositing for Features (Matrix trilogy, Spiderman 3, I am Legend, Surf's Up), and animation (Unikitty, Bunnicula, Harmon Quest, Axe Cop, Vice Party Legends, HBO Animals).

As such, I have advanced technical knowledge of development and art processes across the full lifecycle, in addition to expertise in utilizing studio and digital intermediate pipelines. As a CG Supervisor, I have participated in over 30 feature titles, worked with multiple teams on-site and offshore at Studio environment and On-Set. And as a producer, have been able to work with multiple studios and talent as a single creative unit for Studio clients in Los Angeles.

After learning with the Commodore 64, the Apple IIe and the IBM XT, I started professionally in the early '90s with architectural visualizations and regional and national tv commercials. Later, during my MFA in San Francisco, I was a producer and CG Supervising an award-winning short: Freeware (2000) (Alias | Wavefront and Sundance award winner, Sci-fi channel, Electronic Theater showcase). During this time, I was also project manager for a UNESCO World Heritage pilot project ECHO'99 to aid archeologists with laser scanners to precisely document their finds. Soon afterward, I became the Virtual Cinematography Supervisor at Manex and ESC (Matrix trilogy, Mission Impossible II, Catwoman) and eventually moved to Los Angeles as a Special Projects Supervisor for Sony Imageworks, Environment lead at Digital Domain, Method and Environment artist in several post houses.

Throughout my career, and especially in my past role with as the Producer since 2012, I have excelled at building, training, and optimizing the performance of talented production teams that are often spread across the globe. With so many creative forces involved both on my teams and externally, I have had to repeatedly demonstrate my talent for quickly problem-solving critical production issues to keep projects on schedule and dealing with multiple time zones.

Role with the VES
Global Board of Directors. Outreach Committee Co-Chair. Business Labor And Law Committee. Benefits Committee Chair. Membership Committee. Los Angeles Section Board of Managers - Communications Manager Los Angeles Section.