Virtual Production Is Production: Mariana Acuña2021-07-12T17:11:28-07:00
Mariana Acuña

Mariana is a technologist, connector, and entrepreneur. During her years at The Foundry, she focused on virtual reality post workflows as well as being the Head of Creative Specialists. Mariana was a pioneer in her hometown Mexico City, where she founded the first VR and 360 video production and branding agency – JoltVR.

Most recently she co-founded Glassbox Technologies, where she leads the roadmap for new and existing technology developing tools for Virtual Production transforming the way filmmaking is done today. She is also a Mentor for the Virtual Production Fellowships by Epic Games.

Prior to her switch into tech, she worked as an on-set VFX supervisor & senior compositor. She was featured in the book Voices of Labor: Creativity, Craft, and Conflict in a Global Hollywood, as well as in the acclaimed documentary “Hollywood’s Greatest Tricks”.