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9.22.2022 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm CEST | Conference

VES Megabrain Masterclass Vol. 6


VES Germany invites you to join us at the upcoming worldwide VES Megabrain Masterclass, which will include top industry professionals covering a wealth of topics.

Date: 22nd of September (Thursday)

Time: 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm CET

Zoom Webinar

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SESSION 1: Challenges in the Creation of Procedural 3D Cities

We will explore some of the challenges of procedural 3d cities. There is a lot of hype around the concept, so let’s dive in and learn about some crucial technical and artistic aspects that need to be considered when planning the creation of a procedural system. Further, we’ll have a quick look into vrbn’s own internal procedural approach.


 Matthias Buehler

After graduating from ETH Zurich (MSc Arch ETH), Matthias has worked in landscape architecture, architectural visualization and then has been part of the CityEngine development team for almost 5 years. He has a profound knowledge of 3D Modeling, Rendering, Visualization, Digital Sets and VFX in general.He has been the CityEngine Tech Support Lead, has hosted countless international presentations, workshops and trainings.In the field of 3D Urban Design, 3D Geodesign, 3D Facility Management and Master Planning, he has designed key workflows and pipelines. He was responsible for CityEngine services, consulting, training, procedural city modeling, custom CGA rule development and advanced visualization.At Scanline VFX, a high end Visual Effects vendor, he developed a procedural system for 3D landscapes and cities for film, on the film ‘Independence Day Resurgence’ (among others).Matthias founded vrbn (say ‘urban’) as a consultancy and service provider to push 3D design and content creation technologies in multiple sectors, such as Games, VFX, Autonomous Driving and XR



SESSION 2: The future of movie making?

Simon Spielmann will talk with you about virtual production, tools and technology.


Simon Spielmann

Simon Spielmann is part of the R&D Department at the Animationsinstitut with focus on software development, real-time graphics and XR. In 2009, he graduated from Bauhaus-University Weimar as Media Scientist and Mathematician. He started his career as a freelance software developer in 2006, three years later he joined the research team at Animationsinstitut. Today, Simon is the Principal Engineer at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. He is also responsible for the scientific counselling and supervision of the Technical Director Course at the Animationsinstitut.





SESSION 3: Creating a stadium crowd

We will cover how Tony Atherton builds a stadium crowd from scratch. It will include the creation of the crowd agents, simulating them and rendering them in a stadium environment. Everything is created in Houdini using the latest Kinefx and crowd tools and rendered in Houdini’s USD environment, Solaris.


Tony Atherton

Tony Atherton has been working in Visual FX for 13 years. Over his career he has worked on films in blockbuster franchises such as Harry Potter, Narnia and The Avengers. He worked on long form jobs for companies such as Netflix and Apple TV, as well as working on adverts for companies such as Amazon, Coca Cola and John Lewis. At the moment he works at The Mill in London and has been running the FX department there for the last 4 and a half years.