VES Canadian Supplemental Healthcare Insurance2024-05-06T16:09:06-07:00

VES Members and professionals working in the visual effects industry in Canada (except for the Province of Québec), we would like to offer you exclusive access to the VES Health & Dental Plan.

Enrollment Guidelines

You are eligible to join the plan 60 days after joining the VES or a validated studio

You must enroll within 31 days of becoming eligible (you can also submit your enrolment at any time during the 60 day waiting period)

Any applications received after the 31-day deadline are considered late applicants and are subject to medical requirements and benefit restrictions

For more information on this fully portable plan and the benefits available, please check out the following website:

To Enroll:

Visit to enroll online. It’s that easy! CLICK HERE for the Plan Summary and Pricing. To enroll you will require name, date of birth, email address, plan choice (Gold, Silver, or Bronze), family status (single, couple, family), VES affiliation (name of studio where you work or VES member number), and the date you joined the VES or started working at your studio.

Questions? Please contact Administrative Services @  or call: (604) 684.3400 / TF: 1.888.684.3400