VES Awards Policies Ownership and Clearances2018-02-27T18:23:37-08:00


All materials submitted to the VES awards program will be considered cleared only for the following uses:

  • Screening by the VES staff for the purposes of vetting a submission
  • Screening by the nominating panels, and associated personnel for the purposes of nominating the work submitted,
  • Screening by eligible VES members for purposes of selecting the outstanding achievement in each category,
  • Screening by the VES members and their guests at the VES Awards Ceremony,
  • Archival purposes.

In the event that any other uses may be required, the VES will obtain the required rights and permissions from the copyright owner and/or distributor of the material.

The person submitting the ‘materials’ shall, if nominated for an award, exercise best efforts to assist the VES in obtaining, without charge to the VES, a license to use excerpts from the submitted film or broadcast program, which illustrates the nominated materials, in the VES Awards Show for domestic and international uses.