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Technology Committee Activities

The Visual Effects Society Technology Committee exists to research, encourage, present, and publish new methods, materials, processes and technologies that forward the arts, craft, and science of visual effects. The Technology Committee is dedicated to seeking out and developing innovative and visionary solutions to empower the visual effects artist, engineer, and technician.

The Technology Committee works on several projects at a time and selects projects that are outward facing, increase the visibility of the VES, and items we can accomplish in roughly a 12 month time-frame.

Cinematic Color is an introduction to the color pipelines behind modern feature film visual effects and animation.

The VES camera reports is a standardized exchange format to aid with ingesting camera report data into studio pipelines. It also provides a reference implementation using Filemaker.

Security best practices is a guide for studios to hand out to artists.

VFX Reference Platform is a set of tool and library versions to be used as a common target platform for building software for the VFX and Animation industry.

The VES Transfer Specifications document provides a reference template that can be used to effectively define how visual effects vendors should ingest, process and deliver image data to production side visual effects departments.

Covid-19 Best Practices document collects advice from members of the VES Technology committee and members of the community sharing solutions to common problems we encountered as we transferred to work from home workflows that are for security and technical reasons difficult in our industry.

The VES Technology Committee conducted a wide Industry survey on the platforms used in VFX and Animation Studios, following some impactful industry changes highlighted in the Siggraph 2021 VFX Reference Platform Birds-of-a-feather. The Studio Platform Survey Report highlights the results of what is possibly the widest industry survey of its kind.

The Virtual Production Glossary aims to help practitioners across all fields of production decipher the terminology used in Virtual Production. As such it is an industry effort, encouraged and fostered (rather than owned) by the Technology committee.

The Technology Committee created a spreadsheet to track Python 3 adoption by commonly used industry packages. The community built on this effort to create VfxPy a much more elegant visualization of the data.

In the lead-up to the formation of the Academy Software Foundation, the committee provided an analysis of the widespread use of FOSS software across the industry to frame and clarify the scope of the initiative.