Director / VFX Supervisor / Producer
4D Brain Inc.

Takahiko Akiyama

Takahiko Akiyama’s career spans artistic endeavors ranging from illustrations to visual effects, film production to direction. His about 30 years of CG and VFX experience includes supervising the French, Chile and Japanese film “Endless Poetry(director Alejandro Jodorowsky ), ”Korean film “Kumiho Kazoku (The Fox Family)”; Japan’s “Kappa”“Acri”(director: Tatsuya Ishii); and the 4K HD large-format film “War of Sekigahara.” Akiyama’s significant role as both CG Director and VFX Art Director in the feature film “Final Fantasy” raised the bar for computer graphics at the time. His feature film directorial debut “Hinokio” won awards at film festivals in Iran and France, as well as the Film Technique Award in Japan. Other award-winning works include the 70 mm film “The Nature”, psycho-horror short “Black Night”, and numerous commercials, ride simulation films, video game designs, and published illustrations. Currently, he is working for own company 4D Brain Inc. and he develops the next generation VR entertainment called “IDE –Immersive Digital Entertainment– “. He also established VFX-JAPAN for rise of the CG/VFX industry in 2012.

Role with the VES
Outreach member

Work Experience

2010- : 4D Brain Inc., /CEO / Director 2009-2013 : Autumn Mountain Pictures Inc., /General Manager / Director 2007-2009 : SemoLogic Inc., /Director / Art Director / Visual Effects Supervisor 2003-2005 : Overlord Pictures Co.,Ltd /Director / Visual Effects Supervisor 2001-2002 : GAGA Cummunications Inc, /Senior Vice President / Executive Producer / Creative Director 1997-2001 : SquareUSA / CG Director / Visual Effects Art Director 1996-2009 : Overlord Co.,Ltd /President / CG Director / Visual Effects Supervisor 1987-1995 : Links Corporation /CG Director / Visual Effects Supervisor

Film Credits

2015 : Pilot Film “GAMERA” / VFX Supervisor 2015 : Film “Endless Poetly” / VFX Supervisor 2015 : DMM VR Thatre “hide crystal project” / CGI Director / VFX Supervisor 2014 : Film"Majo no Takkyuubin (Kiki's Delivery Service)” / VFX Supervisor 2012 : Film"Final Judgement” / VFX Supervisor 2010 : TV series “SD Gundam Sangoku-den –Brave Battle Warriors-“ / CG Producer / Animator 2006-2008 : Large Format 4K HDV “War of Sekigahara”  /Co-Director / VFX Supervisor 2007 : TV Feature “Species: The Awakening” VFX Supervisor 2006 : Film “The Fox Family” VFX Supervisor 1997-2001 :"Final Fantasy : The spirits within" Visual Effects Art Director / CG Director 1996 : Film "ACRI" Visual Effects Supervisor / Second Unit Director 1995 : "Dinosour Expo" (TBS Video) Visual Effects Supervisor 1994 : Film "Kappa" (Cappadocia) Visual Effects Supervisor Film "Ranpo" (Okuyama Version) (Syochiku) CGI Director Film "Nostradamus" (Toei) CGI Director Video movie "Macros Plus" (Bandai,Big West) CGI Supervisor CM "TOSHIBA BS Arena" CGI Direction CM "Sindo Richo" CG Direction (received IBA award) 1990 : Astro Vision (World premier of dorm style CGI composite - 70mm 10 perforation Film) "The Nature" CGI Direction

Skills & Titles

Director / VFX Supervisor / VFX Producer


2005 : Film”HINOKIO”/ Director, Screenplay, VFX director The 20th International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults Golden Butterfly Prize for Best Feature Film, Competition of Asian Cinema (Iran) Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry prize (Japan) KINOTAYO Japanese Film Festival 2006 "Soleil d'Or" award of Digital Film (France) <Competition> Embasy of Japan in UK (screening at BAFTA) Festival do Rio - Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival Sedney Japanese Film Festival 2005 Busan International Kids' Film Festival Hawaii International Film Festival 2005 Fajr International Film Festival (Iran) Competition of Spiritual Cinema Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival (Canada) Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival (Norway) Competition Zlin Film Festival (Czech) BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Denmark) Mill Valley Film Festival’s Children’s Fes (USA) Opening Screening Chanoma Film Festival (USA) Premiere Japan '05 Children's Film Festival in London (UK) The Mid-America Japan Club/Japanese American Association of Chicago (MAJC/JAAC) screening 2005 Sprockets International Film Festival for Children in Toront 2006 Oulu International Children's Film Festival 2007 (Finland) 1994 : Film "Kappa" (Cappadocia) / Visual Effects Supervisor Compaq Media Salon award '95 in Japan Visual Effects 1993 Sumilation Ride Film "Inter Galactic Interface" (Fujita Vante) / Director Monte Carlo INA '94 Gold prize and Grand Prix Shown at Siggraph’94 Electronic Theatre U.S.A 1991 : Sumilation Ride Film "Inter Galactic Travel" (Fujita Vante) / Director Monte Carlo INA '92 Bronze prize Shown at Siggraph’92 Electronic Theatre U.S.A 1991 : CM "TOSHIBA BS Arena" / CGI Direction(received) London International AD award 1991 : CM "Sindo Richo" / CG Direction IBA award Korea 1990 : Astro Vision "The Nature" / CGI Direction (World premire of dorm style CGI composite - 70mm 10 perforation Film) NCCA '91 VFX award Japan Shown at Siggraph‘91 Electronic Theatre U.S.A 1988 : Film (8mm) "Uchyu Mushi" / Director PFF award '88 Japan