Visual Effects Supervisor/Producer

Ronald Moore

Twilight Breaking Dawn                       VFX Production Manager
Lie to Me Pilot                                         On set VFX Supervisor
Kings Pilot                                               On Set VFX Supervisor
Rush Hour 3                                            VFX Production Manager
EntityFX                                                    VFX Producer
PARAMOUNT PICTURES                    VFX Supervisor
            ENTERPRISE (Four Seasons)
            STAR TREK VOYAGER (Seven Seasons)
            STAR TREK GENERATIONS (Feature)
            STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION (Seven Seasons)
DREAMQUEST IMAGES                                VFX Editor
ROBERT ABEL & ASSOCIATES                 Optical Supervisor
SHOWSCAN FILM CORP.                              VFX Editor
CINEMA RESEARCH CORP.                        Optical Lineup/Camera
BOSS FILM CORP.                                           VFX Editorial Supervisor
UNIVERSAL TITLE                                          Optical Lineup      
FREEZE FRAME                                              Optical Lineup   
MODERN FILM EFFECTS                              Optical Lineup         
WESTHEIMER COMPANY                             Optical Lineup
VES Award For Best Visual Effects in “Stormfront Part 2” 2005
EMMY for Effects in “Countdown” 2004
EMMY for Effects in “Broken Bow” 2002
EMMY for Effects in “Endgame” 2001
EMMY for Effects in “Dark Frontier” 1999
EMMY for Effects in “A Matter Of Time” 1992
Thirteen EMMY Nominations 1989 to 2004
Monitor Award “Thirty Days” 1999
Monitor Award “Q Who?” 1994

Role with the VES
Served two terms on the VES Board of Directors.

Member of the membership committee.