VFX Supervisor
Various Artists

Omar McClinton

I'm a film and television professional with over 30+ years of experience working on big budget summer 'tent pole' projects as well as small independent projects, 1/2 hour- and hour-long television, game shows, documentaries, pilots, commercials, children's programming and industrial films etc. From 2011 - 2018 I was the Head of Production for an 8 hour a day live multi camera internet web casting network where I produced content for live programming, commercials, external advertisements and banner ads. I'm currently President and CEO of my own company VARIOUS ARTISTS and the Various Artists independent Film Festival, where I help new and emerging talent develop as filmmakers to get their careers started on the right track. Concurrently, I still freelance as a VFX Supervisor, Production Manager /CoProducer of film and television projects in my spare time.