VFX Producer


Olivier Emery

Olivier Emery is one of the pioneers of visual effects in France. In 1985, he designed the first 3D software sold in France, "Imagix 3D", which will be used by BUF and Mac Guff. He is the founder of the company Trimaran, which creates visual effects for cinema and television. His work and innovations have won several awards, including Imagina and SIGGRAPH, the world's leading digital imaging event.

In 2019, Olivier Emery has been responsible for the production of VFX and the coordination of five Parisian vendors that share the 500 shots of the sci-fi movie Blood Machines directed by Seth Ickerman for Logical Pictures. Blood Machines got the Best VFX Award in FKM Fantastic Film Festival in Coruna, and in Toronto Dark Film Festival.
In 2020, he won as VFX Producer the Best Environnement VFX Award for Blood Machines at Paris Images Digital Summit.

In 2020, Olivier Emery got a Visionary Award at Paris Images Digital Summit.

In more than 30 years, Olivier Emery has directed a large number of CG projects and visual effects, including real-time projects, for film and television fiction and sports graphics.

Role with the VES
VES France Board Member since 2017