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Jacques Stroweis

Jacques Stroweis is an Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor/2nd Unit DGA Director with expertise in CG and advanced imaging technologies, and is well versed in Virtual Production, VR, and Stereoscopy. Known for his pioneering work in CG, Stroweis  contributed to groundbreaking CGI technical and artistic achievements at the New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab, regarded at the time as the top computer animation research and development group in the world. He also ranks among the trailblazers who founded Hollywood’s VFX powerhouses, snagging the first Oscar VFX nomination for Digital Domain. Stroweis co-founded and helmed Creative Visual Effects (CVE) for Sony Pictures, where he served as VFX supervisor, CTO, and Executive Producer for a decade. Today, Stroweis works as a freelance VFX supervisor/producer for the Studios as well as for independent producers, both on-set and post-production. His most recent project is the feature film Sunshine Robbers (2018), an action comedy directed by Li Yu, one of China’s most acclaimed female directors. Stroweis also holds an Oscar and Bafta nomination for Best Visual Effects on James Cameron’s True Lies. Among his recent achievements, he supervised the Chinese epic The Monkey King 2, a 200 million dollar blockbuster that won Best VFX at the Hong Kong Awards 2017.

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