Senior Business Development Manager
AMD; Radeon Technologies Group

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Gary Davis

Gary M. Davis began his career after receiving a BFA in Computer Graphics from Bowling Green State University in 1992. Since that time, he has been heavily involved in visual effects and motion graphics for numerous clients in television, film, video games and architectural visualization. After spending nearly six years developing ride films and digital photography systems for theme park venues, at the turn of the Millennium he formed visualZ to serve the entertainment and design visualization industries. In addition to his production work, for over three years Davis served as the only independent, worldwide certified training specialist for 3ds Max, Combustion and Composite/Toxik. During this time, he authored The Focal Easy Guide to Combustion and developed the compositing curriculum for the Discreet Design Academy as well as the curriculum for the inaugural semesters at At the SigGraph 2007 Conference, Davis was awarded the title of Autodesk 3ds Max Master and shortly thereafter, joined the Media & Entertainment Division of Autodesk as specialist for 3D animation and compositing solutions. In 2016, he joined Professional GFX Industrial Alliance Team at AMD as Senior Business Development Manager where he continues to focus on cross-industry initiatives, business development and alliances.  He also maintains visualZ LLC; a CG boutique in Orlando, Florida.