Compositing Technical Supervisor

Anthony Tan

Heya, I'm currently working as a Pipeline Technical Director for DNEG here in Montréal, Canada (it's really not as cold as you think, come visit!) and have been here since 2018 - I've worked across a number of fields and have had the opportunity to help out on a number of projects, but mainly down the VFX line.

Previously to that, I had the opportunity to work at Animal Logic (Sydney) as part of the crew on the VFX side, helping develop portions of the 2d pipeline on ingest for Peter Rabbit, and day-to-day tooling for comp throughout that project, plus a number of the other pieces we worked on there, and before that I had the amazingly lucky chance to be client-side VFX on Fury Road at Kennedy Miller Mitchell doing bits and pieces of everything - a typical post-viz life.

Before that? I've been a film extra (47 Ronin, Rush, Hummingbird), and a federal public servant providing briefing and advice to the Minister back in Australia within the Department of Finance and Deregulation - Telecommuncations, Arts and Sports Agency Advice Unit, and have strong roots as an IT engineer back at university.

Role with the VES
Board member, VES Montréal Section (2020)