Creative Director/VFX Supervisor

Andreas Wanda

Andreas began his career in professional photography moving to animation and visual effects in 1999. He has worked for some of most highly regarded post production houses in Australia, including Alt VFX, Fin Design, Fuel and Animal Logic, and alongside some very talented and awarded industry professionals including Oscar award winning DOP John Seale.

With a focus on achieving inspiring and engaging high end visual results Andreas will take a project from concept through to a finished product in a wide variety of mediums from digital, television and feature film to VR, AR and Mixed Realities.

Although very hands on, Andreas has generally filled the more senior roles from VFX/CG/onset supervision to creative direction and live action direction. His strength lies in steering teams in the direction that achieves a genuine message. This is backed by a strong technical background used to build solid foundations, tools and processes.

Along with 3D, compositing and painting skills, his visual effects experience has exposed him to many leading edge technologies such as 3D scanning and motion capture used to achieve seamless results in feature film and television. Andreas will find the most appropriate technique to achieve results aligning with the desired vision. Quite often these techniques don’t just come out of a box and require a custom built solution to suit the situation.

With a background in electronics, his skills with technology have assisted him on many occasions having studied computer science and electronic engineering. This knowledge has allowed him to think outside the box coming up with solutions that aren't just virtual but practical too.

Andreas also has extensive experience in animation and focuses heavily on character performance and timing. Physical, mechanical and particle animation also form a large part of his resume. Efficiency is key, which is why clarity of vision upfront is paramount to making decisive calls on work in progress which result in well managed projects. Well considered lighting is part of that vision that is so important to the final result.

Whatever the style of project, Andreas is passionate about creating high end unique and powerful visual experiences.

Work Experience

Animal Logic, Fuel, Fin Design

Film Credits

Legend of the Guardians, Knowing, Charlottes Web

Skills & Titles

Creative Director, VFX/CG Supervisor