Creative Director/VFX Supervisor

Andreas Wanda

Andreas began his career in professional photography moving to animation and visual effects in 1999. He has worked for some of most highly regarded post production companies in Australia, including Alt VFX, Fin Design, Fuel and Animal Logic. He’s also worked alongside internationally acclaimed industry professionals including Oscar award winning DOP John Seale and director Garth Davis.

He’s architected and built a number of studios specifying hardware, software, pipeline and processes. The latest being a studio entirely in the cloud created with the cutting-edge technologies available from AWS and their Nimble Studio.

Andreas has a passion for character animation and has been fortunate to have worked on many character-based projects. Whether it’s character animation or VFX integration, his focus on solid foundations ensure quality results.

He will take a project from concept through to finish spanning a wide variety of mediums including digital, television and feature film, VR, AR and Mixed Realities. The Impact Wall is a great example of mixed reality designed from the ground up by Andreas.

His roles include VFX, CG and Onset supervision but he has also driven the creative and live action direction on many animated projects from Alien TV to various TVC’s. One of his strengths is architecting the right solution for the job. In order for the directors’ vision to meet or exceed expectations, the technical approach needs to ensure it will meet the creative brief. Backed by a strong technical background his priority is to build solid foundations, tools and processes.

During his career Andreas has used technologies such as 3D scanning, motion capture and motion control. However, it’s important not to over engineer a technique but rather find the most efficient solution aligning with the desired vision. Often the ideal solution isn’t available out of the box and may require a custom design like the LED motion guide system used on Toyota CHR project.

With a background in electronics, his deep understanding of a broad range of technologies have been invaluable. Andreas studied computer science and electronic engineering, but the majority of his skills have been garnered through experience in the industry.

Whatever the style of project, Andreas is passionate about creating high end, unique and memorable visual experiences.

Work Experience

Animal Logic, Fuel, Fin Design

Film Credits

Legend of the Guardians, Knowing, Charlottes Web

Skills & Titles

Creative Director, VFX/CG Supervisor