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2.12.2014 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm PST

12th Annual VES Awards

As our industry continues to grow and mature, many challenges are being faced and overcome that confuse your perception of the status quo.  What is animation?  What is photographed?  What is created in the circuits of a computer via the artist’s clever mind and hands?  As these and many more lines blur together, the end user of the work need only to sit back and enjoy the story.  But us, the folks that create and drive the machine, that lend our souls to do the undoable, who use whatever we need to in the name of creating and delivering amazing and unimaginable imagery to help tell that story continue to step up to the plate and swing for the stars.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of visual effects work is about to spill out onto the screens before your eyes.  This ART has been created by ARTISTS – STORYTELLERS across the globe and have significantly contributed to the billions of dollars in gross profits generated this year for the industry.  But equally important, this work has significantly contributed to the best, most compelling storytelling in the history of entertainment. Storytelling in ways that were once only vaguely dreamed but have now become reality.

Tonight the incredible work of our peers will be recognized and honored. The level and quality of their art is absolutely stunning – across the board!
But they stand on the shoulders of Giants – one of them, John Dkystra – is being honored tonight.  John is an amazing man.  He is someone we all want to be like. He dreams in reality and makes things – from the first ever computer controlled camera – the Dkystraflex  – to Star Wars.  His vision is unlimited as is his passion.  And his body of work reflects this amazingly bountiful treasure he has shared with us.

So lets sit back and enjoy the display of artistry about to be presented tonight.  Lets recognize that every nominee is a winner.  Lets cheer loudly, heap the well earned praise upon our peers, celebrate and enjoy our amazing artisty and artists!

Location: Beverly hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills, CA