Virtual Production: Exploring Careers in a New Platform- Jim Geduldick2024-03-04T14:50:32-08:00

Jim Geduldick

Jim Geduldick, a Virtual Production, Visual Effects Supervisor and Cinematographer inspired by the power of emerging technologies for creatives and storytelling brings a career of pushing the boundaries of marrying technology and creative solutions. He has worked across film, TV, broadcast, experiential, music videos and action sports films. Working alongside teams of engineers, designers, CG artists, animators and fellow cinematographer to inspire new uses of emerging technology and methodologies for projects across industries. He has been able to be a industry leader in virtual production, visual effects, volumetric capture and realtime workflows. He has been working with in recent years implementing tools in AI and machine learning across various projects across industries. With his varied background in traditional production, visual effects and realtime he has been able to collaborate on award-winning projects for Disney, Amazon, Sony , Redbull, Epic Games and many others.