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Its time to think about getting more people involved in the VES here in Vancouver, we have a pub night on the 18th of Feb so lets get more people to join !

Here are some guidelines on how you can help by endorsing friends. Ben Schnieder has outlined what we can do below – I have added a sample letter…




To: VES members
From: The VES Membership Committee
Subject: Endorsement letters for prospective members

The VES relies heavily on the endorsement letters submitted by members who are proposing new candidates to join the Society. Although we strive to have the Membership Committee represent a broad range of the effects community, every year there are nominees who no one on the committee knows. In those cases, the letter may be the single most important deciding factor. In ALL cases the endorsement letters weigh heavily in the committee’s decision to recommend or NOT recommend.

IMPORTANT guidelines:

1. Please take the responsibility of writing an endorsement letter seriously!

To write a meaningful letter, you should know the individual personally, long enough and well enough to have formed a judgment of his or her character. Just as important, you should know their work, and it must exemplify the highest PROFESSIONAL standards of the art and craft. Questions to ask yourself might be, “Would I recommend this person for a job? Would I want to work with him/her?”


2. Write a meaningful letter and include specifics.

Include the following information:

  •   How long have you known the candidate?

  •   What is your professional relationship with the candidate? Supervisor, subordinate, co-

    worker, peer or?

  •   What does the candidate do that is related to visual effects?

  •   What personal and professional qualities of the candidate will benefit the Society?

3.  here is an example letter



VES Membership Committee


I would like to formally endorse  ( VFX name) who I have known for (#)  years and worked with at *** for ***years. 

She/He has over  5 years  of experience and is a leader in VFX, starting his/Her career at *** on ***.

She He is a senior compositor/Animator/Producer .

She/He is keen to participate in the  VES section. I think He/She  will make a perfect addition to our growing community here in Vancouver.


Please honour her with membership into the Visual Effects Society.

Your name here,