Virtual Production Is Production: Sandra Scott2021-09-27T12:18:38-07:00

Sandra Scott

Sandra Scott is a self-avowed dog-lover and yoga junky who ‘daylights’ as a VFX Producer and occasional Head of Production in the film industry. Sandra’s journey has taken her to the pinnacles of visual effects with a foundational path forged at Industrial Light & Magic and forces joined with the best and brightest at Framestore, Digital Domain, Imagemovers Digital and Atomic Fiction.

Throughout her career her ‘gravitational pull has always been towards animated character-centric films from Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets to the tiny but mighty Desperaux mouse in Tale of Despereaux and allowed her to crisscross between vfx and digital animation genres.

A 12 year collaboration with filmmaker Robert Zemeckis and VFX Supervisor Kevin Baillie has taken her to all parts of the globe for production and post and provided an extraordinary window into virtual production filmmaking with one of the founding fathers in the medium