Virtual Production Is Production: Ryan Stafford2021-09-27T12:13:01-07:00

Ryan Stafford

Ryan Stafford is a two time VES award winning Executive Producer, VFX Producer and virtual production expert with over 20 years experience in producing advanced, cutting-edge content using the latest technology in visual effects and virtual production, in collaboration with traditional physical filmmaking practices to enhance creative opportunities. Ryan is currently working at Netflix on the newly minted Digital Production team where he is collaborating with cross functional partners to advise and implement new ways of filmmaking during all phases of visual & story development, prep and production in both features and series; live-action and animated. Prior, he had worked alongside and led the industry’s top visual effects, performance capture and virtual production teams on titles such as THE CALL OF THE WILD, The PLANET OF THE APES trilogy, and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.