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A NEW REALITY: Content Creation and its Outlets

The VFX industry is in a state of turnaround. The Summit has traditionally looked at the broader view of the industry and this year will be no exception. The 2013 VES Summit will feature industry creatives and executives from innovative production/distribution outlets looking for new ideas and projects. We will look into opportunities for those interested in creating their own IP/content/apps and/or feature new media companies. We’ll hear from top industry insiders who have carved out their own niche on being successful in content creation. An educational day on what is a new reality.

October 23, 2014 – W Hotel 6250 Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood, California 90028

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Continental Breakfast Roundtables

Due to their immense popularity, the Breakfast Roundtables will once will again jump start the morning at this year’s Summit. This aspect of the Summit will be for those attendees who want to discuss and share information on a particular subject with their fellow attendees over breakfast. Each table will have a moderator who is an expert in their topic. You will have a chance to sit in on two tables as everyone can switch tables mid way. The objective is for everyone to join in on the discussion, glean new information and suggest possible solutions. A time for attendees to do the talking.

Women in VFX
Getting women involved as artists, managers and technologists in visual effects.
Moderator: Annie Chang – VP Post Production Technology, Walt Disney Studios

The Art of the Deal in Content Creation
Working within the agency world to get the best deal for your project.
Moderator: Jason Garber – Production / Effects Agent, Paradigm

Tapping into the Investor Community
Strategies for finding the right investor for any project.
Moderator: Greg Chou – COO FilmEngine Entertainment

VFX Facilities of the Future
A look at how visual effects facilities will evolve to remain competitive.
Moderator: Payam Shohadai – Executive Supervisor / Co Founder, Luma Pictures

The New Frontiers for VFX
Exploring new markets beyond feature films, commercials and video gaming.
Moderator: Stacy Burstin – Founder and President, Eevolver Inc.

Crowd Sourcing Funds: Kickstarter Successes
Tapping into the alternative finance streams to get your project funded.
Moderator: Jacqui Barcos – Writer/Director

Operating Multiple Offices Around the World
The pros and cons of having a workforce that straddles the globe.
Moderator: Patrick Davenport – SVP, Global Operations, Method Studios

Strategic Partnerships Between Companies
Symbiotic affiliations between specialized providers to stay competitive. What can they bring to the competitive equation symbiotic?
Moderator: Chris Edwards – CEO & Creative Director, The Third Floor, Inc.

Virtual Studios: The New Reality
Using crowd-sourced talent, cloud rendering and online bidding as a new business model.
Moderator: Rohin Aggarwal – Founder & CEO Scarecrow Visual Effects

Shooting VFX
The latest advancements in cameras, production techniques and technology.
Moderator: Richard Crudo, ASC – Cinematographer

A Collaboration with the Art Directors Guild
Building New Realities
Moderator: Mimi Gramatky – President, Art Directors Guild, Local 800

VFX for Commercials
Current challenges for visual effects production in the fiercely competitive commercial market.
Moderator: David Danesi – Founder, Digital District

Keynote Speaker

Chris Meledandri – Founder, CEO, Producer, Illumination Entertainment

Panel Discussion

Center Square: AMPAS Presidents Exclusive 

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and former Academy Presidents Sid Ganis and Hawk Koch talk about life, leadership and our love affair with the movies and Oscar® during a time of rapid technological, creative and economic transition. Both are strong advocates in the ongoing effort to protect artists’ rights and set artistic standards which reflect the current state-of-the-art.


  • Bill Kroyer – Director of Digital Arts, Chapman University


  • Cheryl Boone Isaacs – Pres, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Sid Ganis – Producer, Out of the Blue…Entertainment
  • Hawk Koch – Producer, President of the Producers Guild of America

Featured Speaker

Agency Viewpoint: New Opportunities

Max Michael – Head of Business Development, Asia – Agent, Motion Picture Literary Department, UTA

Featured Speaker

Mission: Possible

Nagin Cox – System Engineer, NASA/JPL

Panel Discussion

In the Black: New Strategies for VFX Profitability

Carl Rosendahl, Associate Professor at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University and former President of PDI/DreamWorks, and a notable panel of studio and facility veterans will focus on critical profit and pricing challenges facing the VFX community and options to help companies “get the red out…” As companies continue to pursue options to enhance both efficiency and profitability, they ask – What dynamics are within our reach? Who is leading by example? And how can we chart a course for a more sustainable VFX future without sacrificing quality and artistry? This forum will showcase bidding models with the potential to increase financial stability including fixed bid, cost plus and four walling and ways to amplify transparency and accountability.


  • Carl Rosendahl – Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center


  • Chris de Faria – Pres, Digital Prod, Animation and VFX Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Chris Kubsch – President, Method Studios
  • Arnon Manor – VFX Production Executive, Columbia Pictures
  • Tim Sarnoff – President of Technicolor Digital Productions
  • Ed Ulbrich – Producer / Former Head of Digital Domain

Featured Speaker

The Immersive Future

Andrew Merkin – Head of Special Projects and Transmedia, Mirada Studios

Cocktail Reception

Wrap up and Cocktails on the roof.