VES Launches Dynamic New Website2019-10-04T13:53:12-07:00

VES Launches Dynamic New Website

As the Society continues to grow, it is increasingly important that we are connected through a robust hub which equips us to take full advantage of worldwide membership benefits and vast resources.

This highly accessible site has a many new functions and features to enable the best online experience with a compelling new layout and design.

The redesigned website features:

Slide-out access menus

Pop-up member login

Member profiles allow you to add credits, personal and social media links

New calendar lets you add events to your personal calendar (Google calendar & iCal)

Integration of our social media feeds – including the VFX Voice digital magazine

Searchable video gallery for Before and After clips from every VES Awards Show.

As you explore the redesigned website, please note:

  • Your usernames/passwords from the previous should work on the redesigned site. You can also use your email address connected to your VES account as a substitute for your username. A limited number of passwords may not work because of security concerns. If you do not remember your password or it is not working properly, you can reset it here:
  • Please take the opportunity to update your member profile (including contact information and mailing address for Blu-ray/DVD screeners). When logged in, you can edit your profile here:

For questions and issues, please contact VES Director of Operations Chris McKittrick at