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Victoria Livingstone

 Victoria Livingstone is a unique creative creature who loves bringing magic to reality through the medium of visual storytelling, whether it be through the acting of animation, creating/enhancing narrative flow or conceptualizing ideas. 

Having started out as an independent filmmaker in San Francisco, Victoria found herself at the premiere VFX company Industrial Light & Magic where she spent a decade honing her animation skills while challenging the boundaries of the then nascent work of CG character animation. She has since had the joy of joining forces with such incredible companies as MPC, Bad Robot, Fox Studios, Sony Imageworks, Animal Logic and others on some of the most notable movies of our era, including the major vfx heavy film franchises of "Star Wars", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Jurassic Park" and "The Planet of the Apes" movies, as well as such vfx film favorites as "The Jungle Book," "Ted", "Happy Feet," "Galaxy Quest," & "Mars Attacks!"