Maya TD/Digital Artist/3D Pipeline Engineer

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Torey Alvarez


​I am a interdisciplinary production artist with a focus on lighting, texturing, shading, animation, rigging and surfacing. I am very proud to have been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in a craft: Graphic and Artistic design in 2006 for my work on "Wild West Tech" for the History Channel.

I have over 17 years of production experience in 3D and compositing for film commercials and television, and I'm fluent in After Effects and Photoshop. I like learning new programs, its a lot like playing a new video game, you just have to learn the buttons.

I'm a big believer in "Sharing the Knowledge".

Currently I'm primarily working with unreal developing immersive reality experiences with the Weather Channel

Film Credits

Sky captain in the world of tomorrow, Wild West tech with the late great Mr. David Carradine, Marvel's Dr. Strange

Skills & Titles

Unreal artist, Maya, Adobe Photoshop and illustrator, Substance painter and Designer, Photographer (novice)


Emmy nomination for my work on Wild West tech