Co-Owner/Visual Effects Supervisor @ BFX Imageworks
BFX Imageworks

Steven Blasini

With over 100 film/tv credits to his name, Steven has been creating Visual Effects imagery for productions of all types, from Feature Films to Webisodes, for over 20 years.


Born and raised in New York and self taught in all skills, from computer programming, computer assembly, network integration (he was a Novell Network Certified Engineer) and Internet provision, Steven started his own computer consulting firm, which later grew into various outlets, where he handled all things "computer" for his clients. This included turnkey software systems integrated with custom built hardware and networks. In 1991 after the success of "Jurassic Park", he taught himself all facets of Visual Effects Creation, from Concept Design thru to final output, which had been his dream since childhood. 


In 1997, during a seasonal recruitment trip to NY by the HR Head of Digital Domain, he was told that if he moved to LA he would easily find work and most likely be hired on the spot. 


So, selling his company and packing all his belongings into his Dodge Caravan, he made the cross country trip to establish his dreams of working in the industry. 


The recruiter was correct, he landed his first animator position in just a few days and worked his way up to VFX Supervisor and Department Head of the studio that hired him. 


In 2001, alongside his wife, BenniQue, he launched BFX Imageworks and quickly established it as a goto, scalable VFX niche for all forms of independent film and television production throughout the world. 


Steven currently serves on the board of the Los Angeles Section of the Visual Effects Society and is on the Special Visual Effects Executive Committee at the Television Academy.


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Role with the VES

Member, Awards Committee, Technology Committee, Annual Membership Committee, Archives Committee