Head of Virtual Production

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Steffen Wild




  • President, VFX Supervisor - Virtual Production Technologies


  • Visual Effects Supervisor & Director, Digital Puppetry Studio at The Jim Henson's Creature Shop

  • CG Supervisor at Where the Wild Things Are

  • Visual Effects Supervisor at Cirque Film

  • CG Supervisor at Film Roman

  • Partner at Cirque Digital

  • Visual Effects Supervisor at Mooncrescent Animation

  • Visual Effects Supervisor at Centropolis Effects

 Steffen brings an in-depth view of today’s requirements for game-engine based virtual, interactive and Augmented Reality productions to Animation and VFX.

 For over ten years Steffen spearheaded the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop’s expanding efforts in innovative animation technologies, virtual studio productions and the creation of new ways of visual storytelling. As SVP of Digital Puppetry and Visual Effects, he crafted new production techniques using proprietary game engine modules to expand the studio’s innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

 Steffen fosters co-production opportunities between animation and VFX studios, creates new technologies and procedures that allow teams worldwide to creatively thrive as one virtual campus. These approaches make efficient international VFX work on a show like SEAM by directors Rajeev and Elan Dassani possible.

 Steffen played key roles on projects such as The Faculty, directed by Robert Rodriguez, Thirteenth Floor, a US-German co-production produced by Roland Emmerich, the academy award nominated Stuart Little 1,  Where the Wild Things Are, The Simpsons’ Movie and Godzilla. One of the first projects Steffen was invited to participate in, was the academy award-winning visual effects for Independence Day (ID4).

 For FX3X Animation, Inc. Steffen brings his expansive expertise in effectively leading teams of Technologists, Digital Effects and Animation Artists to an international VFX company.

 With shows like Word Party and Splash & Bubbles, which won the Parent's Choice Gold Award in 2017, Steffen and his team delivered over twenty hours of animated television content to Netflix and PBS in only one year.

 Steffen is a member of the Visual Effects Society and the Producer’s Guild of America.