Visualization Supervisor
The Third Floor

Shawn Hull

Shawn works alongside the director and visual effects supervisor and supervises a team of artists, animators, and modelers to create pre-visualization and post-visualization for film, tv, games, and commercials.

Shawn’s animation career began in 1995 as an animator and designer for television at a production and post studio in Northern California. During his eleven years with the company he advance to become the Creative Director for projects in animation, VFX, interactive, and print. In 2006, he focused study in character animation and story at Animation Mentor. His film career began in 2008 when hired by the top previs studio in the world, The Third Floor.


Shawn led a team of animators for World War Z in London for a first-time collaborative project with Framestore that led to a joint venture partnership that is now The Third Floor: London.


Working with Robert Zemeckis on Flight, Shawn helped visualize challenging camera moves within the gimballed aircraft fuselage using virtual cameras inside a CG reproduction.


An original multi-camera boarded sequence became a three minute long choreographed camera and character animation shot after Shawn the idea to Alfonso Cuaron for the film Gravity.