Edge of Reason

Scott McCullough

Scott McCullough is an award-winning director best known for his kinetic and award-winning commercials, McCullough’s most notable for working with Budweiser, Pepsi, Kubota, Target, National Veterans Foundation, Compaq, Coors, Jeep, Amtrak, Prince, Paul Newman, NASCAR, Ford, GM, and many more Fortune 500 clients on over 200 credits to his name with top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, Doner, DDB, GTB, Global Hue, Martin Williams, Deutsch, J. Walter Thompson and many more.

McCullough’s feature projects include crime/actioner “No Cops with Wedding Rings” (pre-production) and with the horror/thriller "26 Floors" and "The Mission" soon following.   He has been developing several other features and television projects including co-writingseveral screenplays.  Among them, a Vietnam war PTSD drama feature film “Captain For Dark Mornings” co-starring screen legend Martin Sheen.  Other projects include the veteran-based dramatic series “Spent Rounds” is in development along with other high-prifile films including  “Holiday Motel”,  “The Flame” among  others.

McCullough was the creator, writer and director for R.J.Reynolds' Thunder Theater 70mm NASCAR  film “100%”and “No Bull” - known as the world’s largest mobile theater and first ever in 4D theater effects with wind, mist, water and air. He also had directed/shot/edited over 36 projects for rock legend Prince (most credits ever to film Prince) including major awards like the gold RIAA-rated (over $1MM in sales) projects“Gett Off” home video, “Diamonds and Pearls” home video, fan favorite“Sexy M.F”and over a dozen live concerts and other films for the music icon and others like Carmen Electra, Mavis Staples, The Time,and more.

Scott is dedicated to the craft of directing and has demonstrated award-winning proven success for decades.  His integrity, ethics and creative focus continues to serve the projects he directs with gratitude.

Scott works as a freelance director as an independent contractor, non-exclusive.

Role with the VES
Proud member to support and collaborate within the craft.

Work Experience

Over 300 high-end commercials as director/cinematographer with clients like Ford, Pepsi, NASCAR Chevy, Jeep, Kubota, Coors, Budweiser, Target, Amtrak, and more with experience working with multiple companies, locations and vendors. Some of Scotts biggest projects includes a 24 day shoot with General Motors delivering miles of footage (35mm) on over 106 vehicles and trim styles. As mentioned, 70MM film for RJReynolds and NASCAR. Film and digital experience with in-camera practical effects, CGI effects and animation supervision.

Film Credits

The Exorcism Diearies, Three Days Gone, Prince concert films, NASCAR "No Bull" and "100%", Until We Get Home, One Eyed Monster, Audition, Innocent, God's Helper, Embrace of the Vampire, D2: The Mighty Ducks, 3 Chains o Gold, Prince: The Hits Collection, Prince and the New Power Genration: Sexy M.F., Prince Unauthorized, Prince and the NPG: Daimonds and Pearls Video Collection, Prince & the New Power Generation: Gett Off, Graffiti Bridge, Crazy People, Patti Rocks, Sign 'o' the Times and many short projects.

Skills & Titles

Writer, award-winning DGA Director, Cinematographer, Editor (FC, Premier, Avid), Visual Effects Supervision - both main unit and second unit/effects crew. Comprehensive storyboarding and treatment presentaion, prolific preparation and planning with elevated speed and completion of assets and shots/scene completion averaging 18-37 scenes per day (if required). Actor and crew endorsements available upon request. Broadcast DIGITAL High-Resolution Cameras: 4K - 6K - 8K AND Film Cameras: 8MM - 16MM - 35mm - 70mm most all film and digital formats and including 70MM using Arri, RED, Osmo, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Panavision, GoPro, Black Magic and more. LED WALLS/Plate Photography - Augmented reality supported LED panel walls with use of Unreal Engine, Previsualization and plates for motion tracking (useful for aerials and car work, cutting-edge Visual Effects). Visual Effects - Including 2d and 3d effects for animated animals, stunt work (Jeep) full 3D talking animals, plates and references for manipulation of 3D animals and effects of action shooting. Scene and actor replacements, duplications and mapping. Physical Effects - Uses of props and staging for breakaway sets, stress points and action uses for safe, on camera and repeatable action sequences (Lowes, Coors, Budweiser, etc.) and specialized props for Zebco and more. Guns and Ammunitions - Use of live and blank munitions and in camera firing blanks and live rounds with NVF, Three Days (pilot), Innocent (shot) and gun knowledge/safety. Stunts and Fighting - Grappling and choreography of glass hits, furniture brakes and flame/fire work for films running, chasing and gun stand-offs with tension building scenarios. Detailed prep and plan with fight/stunt choreographer and action setups. High Speed Action Cameras (slow motion) - Photosonic 16mm and 35mm film cameras, Phantom digital cameras 4000 FPS +. Race cars, consumer cars with stunts and performance action, burnouts and precision driving for high impact and safe action shooting, car- to-car shooting including racing up to 100MPH and shooting without camera arm (NASCAR, Champ Car, more). Props and breakaway glass, metal and staging, blue screen/green screen, specialty effect props (many commercials) and camera mounting NASCAR, Automotive commercials for GM, Ford and more). Other camera systems are used in movement camera inside vehicles and watercraft. Other experience includes squibs, stage blood and injury makeup. Hand-Held Proficiency - Specialization - One of the best, prolific timing and high-action intuition and energy (Prince, NASCAR, EA Sports and more) minimal rehearsal and accuracy in action settings - music backgroud and intuition. Photogramitry - prepa and key understanding and resources. Speed and efficiency of director/DP means a smaller footprint in shooting. A vast understanding of lighting, staging and pragmatic production in high action situations will take advantage of the award-winning cinematography of a director/storyteller. Vast experience easing concerns of non-actors on camera from NASCAR drivers to on the street people allows for a stress reduced situation creates true and genuine performances. Storyboarding/Treatments - Use of boarding for speed and pitching in all work on the fly and in prep for safety and situational editing/staging. Other skills honed from architecture are set design, floor plan set-up and perspective relations. Drone - Aerial shooting with multiple drone systems asdirection and cinematography plate work. Special Effects In-Camera Effects Cinematographer - DoP - “Self-Shooter” Real People/Non-Actor comfort, instruction and patients. Light weight support systems and dual/high payload experiences and helicopter film technicians at the ready. Editorial- Post Mix and CGI High degree of editing understanding and application usually editing much of his own work in Premier, Avid, Final Cut and more. Writing - Screenwriting - Treatments - A decade of writing narrative and long form scenes structure, dialogue and resourced materials with some of the best writers and projects in serious consideration. Ultimate Arm/Camera Arms - Systems and Specialties Extensive use of Russian, Filmotechnic and Ultimate arms using state of the art camera heads and stabilization systems. Process Trailers and Ride along with camera staging for in camera actors/dialogue and safety for sequences. Technocrane - as used in General Motors and NASCAR Winston Cup racing films. Enlouva Crane- Remote Head Cranes - as used in (Prince - many), Ford, Lottery, etc.), light weight remote heads on extreme length reaches for action and more. Speed of camera action and repeatable moves. Steadicam/Stabilization Systems - Gimbal and Remote and desolate areas for films on the beaches for films (Third Heaven, Coors, Kubota). Still Photography Medium and large format product and fashion photography - added value of photography experience (35, medium format, large format) augments motion picture productions. Design experience and use of Photoshop, Pages, and other software. Motion Control - Uses for Amtrak and Green-screen mapping/motion tracking on location - extensive reasearch on Robotic arms like Milo, Cobra and more. Light format Stabilized Support - Osmo 4K and GH7/Sony rigs for tight space and speed. Heavy Machinery - Modifying and action shooting of full semi-trailer for special effects, two languages and markets. Street closures and stunt work with special effects and work experience with trains, race cars, farm/construction equipment and more. Celebrity and High-Profile On-Camera Talent - Unique ability to work with high stress situations and unique personalities placing ease upon production and understanding/ confidence in the production and directors approach. Specialty Lenses - Photographic Experience - T-Rex Lenses, all Cinema lenses, Revolution lenses, Probe lenses, Swing and Shift Lenses, Squishy Lens, Mesmerizers, Diopters and much more. Macro to telephoto and Primes. Small and Large Crews - Detailed Prep and Planning and Speed From a two-person crew to over 140 personnel on a shoot day, Scott can average over 38 Scenes a day (has done 46) utilizing one or several camera teams for production needs and with high location efficiency.


2021 Tokyo International Film Festival Selection - 2021 New York Tri State International Film Festival Selection - 2020 Official Selaction Winter Film Festival - CANNES Film Festival Finalist (commercials) - 2020 Chicago Indie Film Awards Semi Finalist - 2020 Toronto Film Channel Official Selection - 2018 - The Show Bronze - The New York Festivals Gold World Medal - 2018 Short-listed Prime Time EMMY "NVF: The Other Note" PSA, 2018 Film Shortage Featured Trailer, 2017 Poland International Film Festival Official Selection - 2018 Amsterdam Film Festival - 2017 ADDY - 2017 International Independent Film Festival Diamond Award - 2016 First Glance Film Festival (winner/best trailer), Philadelphia - 2016 Best Shorts Festival Official Selection - 2016 Accolade International Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Short Stop International Film Festival - 2016 London Short Stop Film Festival - 2016 HRIFF (best trailer) -2016 Hollywood Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Access Code Film Festival - 2015 EuroFest Selection - 2015 Fade In - Awards (finalist) - 6 Addy’s Awards - HAA Bestof Show - HAA Gold - - 8 RIAA Gold videos for Prince - Bronze World Medal - 22-time TELLY Advertising Awards - Golden Cine Award - EFFIE Award -2-time Summit Gold Award - First Glance Film Festival Finalist - 2000 Vision Award - Sonoma Valley Film Festival - Method Fest Film Festival Finalist - Orinda Film Festival Finalist - Indie Producer Film Festival finalist - International Cinema and Technology World Tour - Festival International De Biarritz 2003 Jury Award - La Réalisation Integral Best Director - Circe de Ciurto (Italy) Best Short - 3-time AURORA winner- Platinum/Best of Show - The New York Festivals - 2 time Silver Medals and Bronze Medal winner - 3-time CINDI gold awards - Intercom Awards Silver Plaque - National ITVA Bronze/Gold/Silver awards - US Int’l Film Festival 2 Creative Excellence awards - ADWEEK Top Spots 1998 and 1994 - AXIEM Best of Show- ITVA 3-time winner - 16-time Minnesota Music Video Awards - MN Video Awards 3-time Director of the Year - and many more.