Sam Longoria

Sam Longoria

Sam Longoria, (born March 12, 1956 in Seattle Washington USA), is an American Producer-Director and Visual Effects Engineer. He Produces independent feature movies, (digital and 35mm and 65mm film), and works as Writer, Director, Actor, Editor and Cinematographer.

Longoria began making movies in 1970 at the age of 14. This year 2020 marks his 50th year.
He made a feature-length 35mm film in Enumclaw, Washington, moved in 1978 to Hollywood, with film and theatre work in Portland, New York, and Chicago.

Longoria's Hollywood work (frequently uncredited) began in the 1980s, as a member of the technical crew on films such as "Ghostbusters," "2010," "Return to Oz," and "Captain EO," (the most expensive film ever - 20 minutes, $20 million, played at Disneyland 20 years. Then it took a break, and played some more. At one time, "Captain EO" showed at the Disney Parks in California, Florida, Japan, and France. Sam built and operated 65mm cameras and film gear.

Sam Longoria was in a movie with Mel Brooks and Mickey Mouse, in Rob Minkoff 's film for Walt Disney World, "Mickey's Audition," which still plays at the park.  He also was a successful "Jeopardy" contestant, and has worked on several Oscar-nominated films, and some Winners. 4 of those films have been inducted into the Library Of Congress National Film Registry. He has attended the Academy Awards 17 times, and the Grammy Awards twice.

In 1985, he photographed and recorded President Ronald Reagan in the White House, for a large-format film documentary.

In 1992, he created 35mm projected backgrounds from small-format film and video, for Peter Sellars's production of Paul Hindemith's Opera "Mathis der Maler," at London's Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Sam built camera electronics for the 1994 film "Terminal Velocity," optically enlarged Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen's Super 8mm home movies for the 1999 film "Five Aces," and performed hydraulic special effects on the 1997 film "Dante's Peak," which boasts the largest water dump in cinema history. (650,000 gallons, weighing 5.4 million pounds).

From 1985 to 1994, Longoria Produced six live stage comedy shows a week, a Russian Drama, and two successful comedy radio shows, in Hollywood at The WILD SIDE Theatre. Sam loves Improv, (Study, Teaching, and Performing), and uses it in his shows and films.

In 1998, he helped out in the studio with his friends "The Firesign Theatre" comedy recordings. He is credited as "Mascot," and "Nuts and Berries."

In 2001, he began to work in Seattle in the summertime. He sang, danced and acted onstage at the Seattle Center, in several productions of The Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society, and in other plays and movies.

He has recently built a new Visual Effects facility and Editing room, and is Producing a Visual Effects Adventure. He has written several books on Producing and Marketing independent features. He is an active Consultant for Film and Internet Marketing.

Longoria is a member of the Visual Effects Society and Masquers Club in Hollywood, focusing now on making his own films, in Los Angeles and Seattle and Branson, Missouri.

Sam Longoria's Two Rules Of Success:

1) Never tell anyone everything you know.

Role with the VES
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Sam Longoria

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