Graymatter Technologies

Robert OHaver

A Visual Effects Producer for Stargate, Cutthrout Island and Disney’s Dinosour to Website Publisher for Creative Planet, an online community for the entertainment industry.  This wide breadth of experience has given Bob a unique knowledge of the use of computers and Internet technologies.  He is both a passionate and patient teacher.  His teaching philosophy is one that empowers his students.  As a Visual Effects Producer and Supervisor he is accomplished at creative problem solving, cooperative team building, project management and has always brought in his projects on time and on budget.   Bob has been a blogger and the host of the weekly technology-based radio show, “Computer Therapy” on 97.7 WBCR, Great Barrington, MA. for the past 10 years.

Role with the VES

Along with helping with the first few websites for the VES and a member from the early days.  I have also served on the Awards committee.