Creative Technologist & Product Manager
Invisible Thread

Prapanch Swamy

A creatively driven and technically sophisticated leader with an innovative career in visual effects and feature animation production. My focus is centered on driving technical and creative computer graphics supervision, developing and managing artists and developers, maintaining and supporting studio technical resources, and developing studio production technology and frontend and backend pipeline infrastructure.

As a person who thrives in highly technical and complex production environments, I strive for obtaining positive and efficient results. Through the application of critical problem-solving skills, focused preparation, and practiced technical execution, I can achieve this all in a timely and well-mannered approach. I possess the ability to effectively articulate, communicate, and strategize proper development practices, protocols, and standards. With a considerable focus on the needs of the studio, production, or departmental resources, I can manage and prioritize various development challenges and adapt to planned or abrupt changes that might come along the way. Additionally, I have a strong aptitude in engaging and motivating TDs, developers, and engineers by optimizing their skillset through motivational and educational practices and focusing on enriching their career growth.

In any leadership or studio management position, I can visualize my studio’s potential success by clearly identifying the innovative and effective strategies required to succeed all while staying within the bounds of financial and resource limitations. And as I never stop educating and developing myself as an artist and engineer, I am always passionately searching to push myself and the bounds of computer graphics to innovate and deliver strong creative and technical visual media within the realm of visual effects, real-time and feature animation production.