Executive Producer: Virtual Production & Visual Effects


Paolo Tamburrino

Paolo Tamburrino is a visionary producer in the world of filmmaking, transforming the industry with his expertise in virtual production and visual effects.

He has always been captivated by the magic of animated cartoons, and his passion for filmmaking and visual effects has only grown stronger over the years. With over 16 years of experience, Paolo has made his mark in the world of entertainment by contributing to some of the most iconic brands, including Star Trek, Marvel, Netflix, and Apple TV+.

Paolo's most recent achievement is the development of Canada's first LED Volume and new Virtual Production services at Pixomondo, which resulted in the reinvented Holodeck featured in Star Trek. His innovative work has been recognized by some of the most prestigious industry publications, including American Cinematographer, AWN, Digital Production, and LA Lab.

But Paolo's journey to success wasn't always easy. He began his career as a 3D artist for TV commercials and worked eventually on the Oscar-nominated animated TV movie "The Gruffalo", where he honed his skills and learned the ins and outs of the industry. Over the years, he worked his way up from award-winning VFX studios such as Pixomondo, MPC (FKA Mr.X), The Mill, and Trixter, to become an Executive Producer, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

Paolo's goal is to inspire filmmakers to push beyond what's "expected" and create monumental shifts in the industry.

As an alumnus of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, he knows firsthand the power of innovation and creativity. His graduating short film "Wrapped" was even honored with a VES Award.

Today, Paolo continues to work tirelessly to shape the future of the entertainment industry. He is engaged in various organizations to define industry standards, break silos, and bring light into the darkness of the economics of In-Camera VFX.

Recently, he joined Autodesk's strategic key team as Senior Industry Strategy Manager while continuing to provide his exceptional knowledge as a freelancing producer to Hollywood.

Role with the VES
Member since 2015Board member UK, 2015-2017Volunteer, Sydney, 2017Volunteer, Vancouver, 2019Co-Chair Toronto, 2020-2021Board member Toronto, 2022