CEO / Creative Director
Pansensory Interactive

Ollie Rankin

Ollie Rankin is a New Zealand born virtual reality and visual effects pioneer. His background in programming and specifically the field of artificial intelligence led him to be hired at Weta Digital in 1999, as one of the first users of Massive, building virtual orc and elf brains and choreographing battle sequences for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This expertise in the emerging field of crowd and battle simulation was sought after by studios in Japan, California, the UK and Canada. By 2009, Rankin was working as VFX Supervisor at Method Studios in Vancouver and shortly thereafter he founded Pansensory Interactive, an interactive media production company. He produced the world's first and second large-scale virtual reality music festivals during COVID and has been involved in several startups in the fields of virtual and mixed reality, including making contributions to volumetric capture technology as well as the application of VR to education and mental health therapy. The interactive VR film "Downloaded", which Rankin wrote and directed, premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2019 and was named by Forbes in the 50 best XR experiences of the year. In 2020 he helmed the virtual production animated short, "Orthogonal", which won multiple festival awards, including Best Animation. Also in 2020, Rankin led the execution of the first ever music and art festival in virtual reality. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he splits his time between continuing to innovate live entertainment in the metaverse and advocating for diversity, fairness and sustainability through his non-profit "United Humans Foundation".

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Creative Director, Director, VFX Supervisor


Best Animation, Hang on to Your Shorts Festival 2021 for the animated short "Orthogonal" Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition 2020 for "Orthogonal" Nominated: Best Animated Short, Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Festival 2021 for "Orthogonal" Nominated: Best Interactive Virtual Reality Experience, La Biennale di Venezia 2019 for "Downloaded" Nominated: 2014 VES Award for Outstanding Supporting VFX in a Feature Film for "White House Down"