CEO / Founder / Partner
Spin VFX

Nigel McGrath

A visionary pioneer in the visual effects and animation industry, Nigel McGrath has founded and built several companies integral to the creative and technological advances that are standard at facilities around the globe today.
Nigel started his career in motion graphics in 1972 and sparked his entrepreneurial spirit with his own computer graphics company in the early 80s. Building on his early start in CGI, McGrath co-founded both Alias Research in 1984, creator of Maya, now an Autodesk product, and Side Effects Productions in 1987, the production arm that supported the initial R&D of software giant, Side Effects Software, the creators of Houdini.
In 1992, Side Effects Productions was rebranded as SPIN VFX. Initially conceived as a Post boutique servicing the commercial industry, SPIN has evolved into an internationally recognized Visual Effects studio, working with respected Directors and VFX Supervisors world-wide.
Adding to his portfolio of companies, Nigel co-founded Triangle Post in 1994, a post facility specializing in finishing and deliverables for the Factual Television & Documentary markets.  McGrath’s keen eye and strong leadership are most evident in the creative and technical respect these companys continue to garner.