Creative Director / Director
First Person

Nathan Hackett

Nathan Hackett

Creative Director and Director at First Person .

I have come from a background of on & off set visual effects supervision, compositing & project management to the world of story, ideation and directing.  I love visual effects, but all the bells & whistles are pointless without story & reason.  A great visual effects shot will always look out of place if it does not complement the story; no matter how cool it looks.

I love creating an idea and bringing the stories to life.  Seeing it through from scribbles in a notebook to a final piece.  From the sleepless nights working out an idea, pitching to client to directing on set and post production, I really dig every part of the process.

I graduated from the Academy of Art University San Francisco with a BFA in Animation & Visual Effects, and the University of Technology Sydney with a Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice (IT Project Management) & have been involved on & off set with shoots ranging from commercials for fortune 100 companies and local businesses to feature films.  I have worked for HBOTippett StudiosElastic Creative,Westernized Productions & now First Person.  I am also a member of the Visual Effects Society.

My influences include film, fine art, visual effects & light installation artists.  I am captivated by the art of Olafur EliassonLeo VillarealLen LyeOskar Fischinger, Michel GondryKozyndanCharming Baker,Chris Greco,  the visual effects work of Phil TippettChris Morley,  &Catherine Tate.  My favourite film is Harold & Maude and I'm pretty keen on anything Miranda July makes.

I really dig light & music.  Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) & Brian Eno's "77 Million" make my heart go boom boom.  If I'm not at work, I'm at a live show, working on a short or making pencil cases.

I have traveled all around the world, living in the UK, USA & Japan, although, my Japanese is limited to booger jokes.

But most importantly,
my mother thinks I am a catch.