Mathieu Raynault

Mathieu Raynault is known for his impressive matte painting portfolio that includes such notable films as The Lord of the Rings & The Matrix series as well as the Star Wars saga. His latest professional venture cleverly positions him to build on that successful foundation.
After five years at Rodeo FX, the internationally-known studio he co-founded, Mathieu departed in 2011 and launched his own creative studio in Montreal, Canada. Surrounded by a team of artists that forms a small, but highly efficient and fully functional VFX studio, Mathieu can offer great flexibility to his clients. The beauty of this studio support system is that Mathieu can handle the development and integration of complex 3D matte painting assets into full sequences of shots or he can simply act as an extension to a larger studio DMP team delivering assets via Nuke.
No matter what the requirements, Mathieu is fully engaged in every production. Still inspired by the passion that launched his career nearly 20 years ago, he remains a hands-on artist designing memorable landscapes, futuristic cities and historical reconstructions with photo-realistic detail. Recent work can be seen in Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp and the soon to be released Noah from Director Darren Aronofsky. Please see our Galleries page for more of the portfolio.